Nektarios Pitsiougas, professor of Tamboura Byzantine and Traditional music in the Music School of Patras, released his book “Paradosiako Ihohroma” - Method of teaching and Learning Tamboura using the Noumerical Modal System, published by IWN publications.
In this book the author proposes a practical method of teaching and learning the traditional Tamboura organ, based on the Numerical Modal System introduced by Christos Tsiamoulis, prominent professor of Traditional Organs and authors mentor. The book begins with basic learning exercises, continues with 65 traditional songs for practicing sorted by difficulty level, and ends with 3 hymns of European and Byzantine notation.
See the index here [pdf ~34ΚΒ].

The price of the book is at 10€ and is available from shops:

  • Music Station - Stollas, 34 Riga Feraiou str, Patras, Greece, tel.: 2610 222411
  • Apostoliki Diakonia, 143 Riga Feraiou & 24 Filopimenos str, Patras, Greece, tel.: 2610 223110
  • Gonia tou bibliou, 32 Agiou Nikolaou str, Patras, Greece, tel.: 2610 223688
  • University of Patras Campus Bookshop - University of Patras, Rio, Patras, Greece, tel.: 2610 995455, 2610 997892
  • ION PUBLISHING GROUP Bookstore, 85 Solonos str, Athens, Greece, tel: 210 3387570, and ION eshop.
  • POLITEIA BOOKSTORE, 1-3 Asklipiou & Akadimias str, Athens, Greece, tel.: 210 3600235, 210 3616373, and from eshop.
  • buy online.
  • Fagotto Books buy online.

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