Paradosiako Ihohroma - Method of teaching and Learning Tamboura
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During Christmas 1997 a group of friends from Patras, new vicars, under the management and music direction of the lambadorio of IN Pantokratora Patron and proffessor of Byzantine and Traditional Greek Music, Nektarios Pitsiougas, appeared in the local TV station "TELE TIME" presenting a music program with Byzantine Church Hymns, making a lot of promises for the future.

After four years, on Christmas 2001, the same TV station presents - with the same vicars - a new TV program where the choir sing Christmas Byzantine Hymns, followed by traditional music instruments as: Tampoura, Violin, Klarino and Violontselo. Choir Director is Nektarios Pitsiougas again, who names this choir, "BYZANTINE IHOHROMA". This name expresses the byzantine identity combined with the greek music color of the accompanied traditional music instruments.

Two years later, on Christmas 2003, it is released from the choir "BYZANTINE IHOHROMA" an audio CD with Christmas Byzantine Hymns, that included also three hymns which were played by traditional music instrumnets: tampoura and violin. This attempt had the support of sponsors from Patras that ensure its release. The CD was distributed for free with the local newspaper "PELOPONNISOS" in 5,500 items and becomes a turn away and earn the approbation of noble and ignoble listeners, in and out of Patras area. Furthermore the choir director and vicars gave their best, so the CD to become an truly excellent production, with superb recording and magnificent presentation.